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New this month: August 2014


 Murder by the Month

A listing of mysteries published in August 2014

Following is a list of mysteries announced for publication this month. Although Murder by the Book no longer sells books I want you to have the most current information on upcoming titles. I have noted the section where MBTB would have shelved each title. Abbreviations are as follows:

CHER = Cherchez La Femme ( by & about modern women) CRIM = Criminal Pursuits (suspense & crime fiction) EOS= Enemies of the State (political & international thrillers) FC = A Fair Cop (American-style police procedurals ) FAV = MBTB Picks  GOLD = The Butler Did It (classic writers from mystery’s Golden Age) HIGH = High Crimes (literary mysteries) HB = Hard-boiled heroes (from Spade to Spenser) HOME = On the Home Front (Northwest authors/ locations) HOR = Horrors! (supernatural thrillers) IA = Illegal Aliens (science fiction or fantasy mysteries) MED = The Cutting Edge (medical mysteries) NOIR = Through A Glass Darkly (classic and modern noir ) ONCE = Once Upon a Crime (historical mysteries) OTW = Off The Wall (offbeat humor) PTC = Prime Time Crime (related to movies or TV) RD = A Reasonable Doubt...at a reasonable price! (legal thrillers) REF = Reference works) SB = Soft-boiled sleuths (cozies with amateur detectives) SHER = Sherlockiana (by Doyle or about Holmes) SHOT = Shot on Location (featuring other cultures) TALL = Tall, Dark & Deadly (romantic suspense) WWWild Women (sassy & a little trashy!)  YB = Yardbirds (British police detectives)

Author  |  Title  |  Price  |  Section  |  Series  |  Theme  |

Abbott, Allyson |Murder With A Twist|7.99|SB|Mack's Bar|

Adams, Ellery|Murder in the Mystery Suite|7.99|SB|

Barclay, Linwood| No Safe House|25.95|HB|

Belsky, R.G.| Kennedy Connection|16.00|HB|Gil Malloy|

Benn, James|Blind Goddess|15.00|ONCE|Billy Boyle|WW II |

Berenson, Laurien|Gone with the Woof|7.99|CHER|Melanie Travis|

Bowen, Rhys|Heirs and Graces|7.99|ONCE|Royal Spyness|

Bowen, Rhys|Queen of Hearts|25.95|ONCE|Royal Spyness|

Brightwell, Emily|Mrs. Jeffries and the One That Got Away|7.99|ONCE|Mrs. Jeffries|Victorian |

Cain, Chelsea|One Kick|25.95|HOME|Kick Lannigan|

Campbell, Drusilla|In Doubt|15.00|RD|

Casey, Elizabeth Lynn|Taken In|7.99|SB|Southern Sewing Circle|

Cha, Stephen|Beware, Beware|25.99|HB|Juniper Song|

Chase, Erika|Book Fair and Foul|7.99|SB|Ashton Corners|

Cleeland, Anne|Murder in Retribution|24.00|YB|

Connolly, John|Creeps|15.00|KIDS|Samuel Johnson|

Cook, Thomas H.|Sandrine's Case|15.00|HIGH|

Coyle, Cleo|Billionaire Blend|7.99|SB|Coffeehouse|

Craig, Elizabeth|Shear Trouble|7.99|SB|Southern Quilting|

Crane, Cheryl|Dead and the Beautiful|7.99|WW|Nikki Harper|

Crider, Dan|Half in Love with Artful Death|24.99|FC|Dan Rhodes|

Cumming, Charles|Colder War|26.99|EOS|Tom Kell|

Davies, Linda|Ark Storm|25.99|CRIM|

de Giovanni, Mario|By My Hand|17.00|SHOT|Comm. Riciardi|Italy|

Dean, Anna|Place of Confinement|15.99|ONCE|Dido Kent|Regency|

Deaver, Jeffrey|October List|15.00|HB|

Delaney, Luke|Keeper|9.99|YB|DI Sean Corrigan|

Downie, Ruth|Tabula Rasa|26.00|SHOT|Roman Empire|

Ewan, Chris|Dead Line|25.99|SHOT|Non series|

Finch, Charles|Old Betrayal|15.99|ONCE|Charles Lenox|Victorian

Forsyth, Frederick|Kill List|9.99|EOS|

George, Elizabeth|Just One Evil Act|17.00|YB|Lynley & Havers|

Glazebrook, Olivia|Never Mind Miss Fox|25.00|HIGH|

Grafton, Sue|W is for Wasted|7.99|CHER|Kinsey Milhone|

Griffin, Laura|Far Gone|7.99|FC|Andrea Finch|

Grossman, Lev|Magician's Land|27.95|IA|Magician's trilogy|

Haig, Matt|Humans|15.00|IA|

Hannah, Sophie|Kind of Cruel|16.00|YB|Zailer & Waterhouse|

Harris, Tessa|Lazarus Curse|15.00|Once|Dr. Silkstone|1780s England|

Harrison, Kim|Undead Pool|7.99|IA|Rachel Morgan|

Haynes, Dana|Gun Metal Heart|25.99|HOME|Daria Gibron|

Hill, Katherine|Violet Hour|15.00|HIGH|

Howell, Dorothy|Beach Bags & Burglaries|24.00|TALL|Haley Randolph|

Hurwitz, Greg|Don't Look Back|26.99|CRIM|

Indridason, Arnaldur|Strange Shores|25.99|SHOT|Insp. Erlendur|Iceland |

Jackson, Lisa|Deserves to Die|7.99|Tall|

Joyce, Graham|Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit|24.95|IA|

Keller, Julia|Summer of the Dead|25.99|CHER|Bell Elkins|

Kingsley, Allison|Extra Sensory Deception|7.99|IA|Raven's Nest|

Klensch, Elsa|Third Sin|24.99|TALL|

Krueger, William Kent|Windigo Island|24.99|HB|Cork O'Connor|

Larsson, Asa|Second Deadly Sin|26.99|SHOT|Rebecka Martinsson|Sweden |

Limon, Martin|Iron Sickle|26.95|SHOT|Sueno & Bascom|Korea |

Logan, Kylie|Death by Devil's Breath|7.99|SB|Chili Cook-Off|

Macinnes, Helen|Rest and Be Thankful|r|9.95|EOS|

Malvaldi, Marco|Three Card Monte|16.00|SHOT|Bar Lume|Italy |

Mann, George|Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box|12.95|SHER|

Maron, Margaret|Designated Daughters|27.00|CHER|Deborah Knott|

Martin, Nancy|Little Black book of Murder|7.99|WW|Blackbird Sisters|

Martin, Nancy|Little Night Murder|24.95|WW| Blackbird Sisters |

McGoran, Jon|Deadout|24.99|EOS|

Menino, Holly|Distance to Death|25.99|CHER|Tink Elledge|

Millar, Louise|Hidden Girl|15.00|CHER|

Minier, Bernard|Frozen Dead|25.99|SHOT|France |

Mogford, Thomas|Hollow Mountain|26.00|SHOT|Spike Sanguinetti|Gibraltar|

Moran, Terrie|Well Read, Then Dead|7.99|SB|Read 'Em & Eat|


O’Connell, Carol | It Happens in the Dark | 9.99| CHER| Mallory|

O’Dell, Tawni | One of Us |25.00| HIGH|

Parker, Kate|Counterfeit Lady|15.00|ONCE|Georgia Fenchurch|Victorian|

Penny, Louise|How the Light Gets In|15.99|SHOT|Insp. Gamache|

Penny, Louise| The Long Way Home|27.99|SHOT|Insp. Gamache|

Pike, Penny|Death  of a Crabby Cook|7.99|Food Festival|

Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln|Lost Island||27.00|IA|Gideon Crew|

Quinn, Spencer|Paw and Order|25.00|OTW|Chet & Bernie|

Richardson, Kat|Revenant|25.95|IA|Greywalker|

Robb, J.D.|Concealed in Death|7.99|IA|Eve Dallas|

Rowland. Laura Joh|Shogun's Daughter|15.99|ONCE|Sano Ichiro|Feudal Japan|

Ryan, William|Twelfth Department|15.99|ONCE|Alexei Korolev|1930s Russia|

Sallis, James|Others of My Kind|14.00|NOIR|

Shafer, David|Whiskey Tango Foxtrot|26.00|EOS|

Shelton, Paige|If Catfish Had Nine Lives|7.99|SB|Cooking School|

Simenon, Georges|Night at the Crossroads|r|10.00|SHOT|Insp. Maigret|France|

Sloan, Michael|Equalizer|24.99|EOS|Robert McCall|

Snyder, Stephen|Confessions|15.00|SHOT|Japan|

Stanley, Kelli|City of Ghosts|26.99|ONCE|Miranda Corbie|1940s San Francisco |

Staub, Wendy Corsi|Perfect Stranger|7.99|TALL|

Sweeney, Leann|Cat, the Vagabond and the Victim|7.99|SB|Cats in Trouble|

Tannebaum, Robert|Fatal Conceit|26.00|RD|Karp & Ciampi|

Todd, Charles|Unwilling Accomplice|25.95|ONCE|Bess Crawford|WW I |

White, Randy Wayne|Deceived|9.99|HB|Hannah Smith|

White, Stephen|Compound Fractures|9.99|HB|Alan Gregory|

Willig, Lauren|Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla|15.00|ONCE|Pink Carnation|Regency|

Wolf, Dick|Execution|9.99|FC|Jeremy Fisk|