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New this month- May 2014

Murder by the Month

A listing of mysteries published in

May 2014


Following is a list of mysteries announced for publication this month. Although Murder by the Book no longer sells books I want you to have the most current information on upcoming titles. I have noted the section where MBTB would have shelved each title. Abbreviations are as follows:


CHER = Cherchez La Femme ( by & about modern women) 

 CRIM = Criminal Pursuits (suspense & crime fiction)

EOS= Enemies of the State (political & international thrillers)

FC = A Fair Cop (American-style police procedurals)

GOLD = The Butler Did It (classic writers from mystery’s Golden Age)

HIGH = High Crimes (literary mysteries)

HB = Hard-boiled heroes (from Spade to Spenser)

HOME = On the Home Front (Northwest authors/ locations)

 HOR = Horrors! (supernatural thrillers)

IA = Illegal Aliens (science fiction or fantasy mysteries)

 MED = The Cutting Edge (medical mysteries)

 NOIR = Through A Glass Darkly (classic and modern noir ) 

ONCE = Once Upon a Crime (historical mysteries)

 OTW = Off The Wall (offbeat humor)     

PTC = Prime Time Crime (related to movies or TV)

 RD = A Reasonable Doubt...at a reasonable price! (legal thrillers)

  REF = Reference works

SB = Soft-boiled sleuths (cozies with amateur detectives)

 SHER = Sherlockiana (by Doyle or about Holmes)

SHOT = Shot on Location (featuring other cultures)

 WW = Wild Women (sassy & a little trashy!)

TALL = Tall, Dark & Deadly (romantic suspense)

 YB = Yardbirds (British police detectives)

FAV = MBTB Picks (our selections of the years’ best paperbacks)


Author  |  Title  |  Price  |  Section  |  Series  |  Theme  |


Adler, ElizabethPlease Don't Tell | |7.99 |TALL|

Allan, Barbara Antiques Con | 25.00| SB |Trash-n-Treasures|

Atkins, Ace |Cheap Shot |26.95| HB | Robert B. Parker's Spenser|

Beechey, Alan|This Private Plot |14.95| SB |Oliver Swithin|

Black, Benjamin|Holy Orders |16.00| HIGH |Quirke|

Blake, Heather|Goodbye Witch | 7.99|IA|Wishcraft|

Block, Lawrence |Borderline |r| 23.99|NOIR|Pulp|

Brady, Eileen | Muzzled |14.95|CHER |Kate Turner, DVM|

Brookmyre, Christopher|Bred in the Bone | 24.00|SHOT| Jasmine Sharp/Catherine McLeod|Glasgow|

Brookmyre, Christopher|When the Devil Drives |15.00|SHOT |Jasmine Sharp/Catherine MacLeod|Glasgow|

Brown, Dan|Inferno |9.99| EOS | Robert Langdon|Symbology|

Butcher, Jim |Skin Game | 27.95|IA|Dresden Files|

Cain, Chelsea |Let Me Go | 7.99|HOME|Gretchen Lowell/Archie Sheridan|

Carlisle, Kate|Cookbook Conspiracy |7.99|SB|Bibliophile|

Casey, Jane |Last Girl |15.95|YB |DC| Maeve Kerrigan|

Casey, Jane | Stranger You Know | 25.99| YB |DC Maeve Kerrigan|

Castle, Richard| Wild Storm | 25.99| PTC |Derrick Storm|

Chang, Henry |Death Money | |25.00|FC|NYC's Chinatown|

Coes, Ben | Eye for an Eye | |9.99|EOS|Mossad|

Coleman, Reed Farrel|Hollow Girl | 24.99|HB| Moe Prager|

Colfer, Eoin |Screwed |15.95|NOIR| Daniel McEvoy|

Conrad, Hy | Mr. Monk Gets on Board |7.99|PTC |Monk TV show|

Cussler, Clive |Ghost Ship |28.95|EOS| Kurt Austin|

Dahl, Arne | Bad Blood |15.95|SHOT| Intercrime|Sweden|

Dahl, Julia |Invisible City |24.99|CHER|Rebekah Roberts|

Deaver, Jeffrey |Skin Collector |28.00|HB|Lincoln Rhyme|

Dennison, Hannah |Murder at Honeychurch Hall | 24.99|SB|Kat Stanford|

Dietrich, William |Barbed Crown |9.99|ONCE|Ethan Gage|Napoleon|

Donally, Claire |Last Licks | 7.99|SB|Sunny & Shadow|

Downing, David | Jack of Spies | 27.95|EOS|Non series|WWI|

DuBois, Brendan | Fatal Harbor |25.95|HB|Lewis Cole|

Fairstein, Linda |Death Angel | 9.99|RD|DA Alexandra Cooper|

Finder, Joseph |Suspicion | 27.95|CRIM|

Fluke, Joanne |Dead Giveaway |7.99|CHER|Non series|

Frost, Kimberly |Slightly Spellbound |7.99|IA|Southern Witch|

Goldenbaum, Sally | Angora Alibi | 15.00|SB|Seaside knitters|

Goldenbaum, Sally Murder in Merino |24.95|SB|Seaside knitters|

Grecian, Alex |Black Country |16.00|YB|Murder Squad|Scotland Yard

Grecian, Alex |Devil's Workshop |26.95|YB|Murder Squad|Scotland Yard|

Greenwood, Kerry |Murder and Mendelssohn |14.95|ONCE| Phryne Fisher|1920s Australia|

Haines, Carolyn|Smarty Bones |7.99|CHER|Sarah Booth Delaney|

Hamilton, Ian |Water Rat of Wanchai |16.00|SHOT|Ava Lee| Hong Kong

Hamilton, Steve |Stolen Season |15.99 | HB | Alex McKnight|

Harris, Charlaine |Midnight Crossroad |27.95| IA|Paranormal

Hart, Carolyn Dead, White and Blue |7.99| CHER| Death on Demand|

Hayder, Mo Wolf |24.00 |YB | DI Jack Caffery|

Hayes, Terry |I  am Pilgrim |26.99| EOS|

Henshaw, Mark |Cold Shot | |24.99 |EOS| Kyra Stryker/Jonathan Burke|

Hughes, Mary Ellen|Pickled Piper| |7.99|SB|Pickled & Preserved|

Hunter, Stephen |Sniper's Honor| |27.99|EOS|Bob Lee Swagger|

Jance, J.A. |Second Watch | 9.99|HOME | J.P.Beaumont|

Johnson, Craig Any Other Name | 26.95|FC | Walt Longmire|

Johnson, Craig |Kindness Goes Unpunished |r|15.00 | FC | Walt Longmire|

Jones, Darynda | Sixth Grave on the Edge |25.99 | IA| Grim Reaper|

Kendal, Claire |Book of You |25.95|HIGH|

Kernick, Simon |Relentless |15.00| HB|

Kerr, Phillip | Prayer |26.95|SHOT|Bernie Gunther|

King, Stephen | Joyland |7.99| HOR|

Lackberg, Camilla |Hidden Child | 25.95| SHOT| Patrik Hedstrom|Sweden|

Lange, Richard Angel Baby |15.00| NOIR|

Lescroart, John |Keeper |26.99|RD|Dismas Hardy|

Limon, Martin |Nightmare Range |14.95|SHOT|Sueno & Bascom short stories|Korea|

Link, Charlotte | Watcher | 25.95|SHOT|Germany|

Loehfelm, BillDevil in Her Way |15.00| HB |Maureen Coughlin|

Lotz, Sarah| Three| 26.00|CRIM|

Mankell, Henning |Treacherous Paradise |15.95|SHOT|Non series|Africa|

Marmell, Ari|Hot Lead, Cold Iron| |14.95|IA|1930s Chicago|

Maxwell, Edith|Tine to Love, Tine to Die | |7.99|SB|Local Foods|

Mayle, Peter|Corsican Caper | |23.95|SHOT|France|

McGoran, John |Drift | |7.99|CRIM|

McKinlay, Jenn Death of a Mad Hatter |7.99|SB |Hat Shop|

Milchman, Jennie Ruin Falls | 26.00|CHER |Liz Daniels|

Mogford, Thomas|Sign of the Cross |16.00| SHOT |Spike Sanguinetti|Gibraltar|

Moose, Ruth | Doing it at the Dixie Dew | 24.99 | SB |Southern cozy|

Morrigan, Laura |Tiger's Tale | |7.99|IA|Animal psychic |

Motte, Anders de la |Bubble |16.00| SHOT | Henrik Pettersson|Stockholm|

Nesbo, Jo |Son | 26.00| SHOT| Non series|Oslo|

O'Brien, Kevin |Tell Me You're Sorry |9.99|HOME|

O'Sullivan, Kathryn |Murder on the Hoof | 24.99| CHER|Colleen McCabe|

Page, Katherine HallSmall Plates |24.99 | CHER |Faith Fairchild |Short stories|

Palmer, Daniel|Desperate |25.00| CRIM|

Parra, Nancy |Murder Gone A-Rye |7.99| SB |Baker's Treat|

Patterson, James|Unlucky 13 |28.00| FC | Women's Murder Club|

Pearson, Ridley |Choke Point | 9.99|HOME|Risk Agent|

Phillips, Scott |Hop Alley |25.00| NOIR|

Preston, Douglas |Kraken Project | 26.99|HOR|Wyman Ford|

Price, Cate |Dollhouse to Die For |7.99|SB|Deadly Notions|

Quirk, Matthew |Directive |26.00|CRIM|Sequel to The 500|

Richell, Hannah |Shadow Year |15.00|HIGH|

Rodriguez, Linda | Every Hidden Fear |26.99|CHER|Skeet Bannion|

Ross, Barbara | Boiled Over |7.99|SB|Maine Clambake|

Roy, Lori |Until She Comes Home |16.00|HIGH|

Salvalaggio, Karin|Bone Dust White |24.99|CHER|

Sandford, John|Silken Prey | 9.99 |FC |Lucas Davenport|

Shaw, Johnny |Plaster City |14.95|HOME| Jimmy Veeder|

Shreve, Anita |Stella Bain |16.00| ONCE| France, 1916|

Smith, Mark Allen|Inquisitor |7.99| HB |Geiger|

Spillane, Mickey |Complex 90 |7.99| NOIR| Mike Hammer|

Spillane, Mickey |King of the Weeds |22.99| NOIR|Mike Hammer|

Stevens, Chevy | Always Watching |14.99| CHER|

Talty, Stephan|Hangman | 26.00| FC | Abbie Kearney|

Taylor, Abbie |Stranger on the Train | 5.00| CHER |

Thomas, WillFatal Enquiry |25.99|ONCE|Barker & Llewellyn|Victorian London|

Thompson, Victoria |Murder in Chelsea |7.99|ONCE | Sarah Brandt|19th century New York|

Thompson, Victoria |Murder in Murray Hill | 25.95| ONCE |Sarah Brandt|19th century New York|

Trent, Christine |Stolen Remains |15.00|ONCE|Undertaking|

Viets, Elaine| Board Stiff |7.99| WW |Dead-End Job|

Viets, Elaine |Catnapped | 24.95| WW| Dead-End Job|

Wellington, David |Chimera | |9.99|EOS| Jim Chapel|Afghanistan|