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New this month- June 2014

Murder by the Month

A listing of mysteries published in

June 2014


Following is a list of mysteries announced for publication this month. Although Murder by the Book no longer sells books I want you to have the most current information on upcoming titles. I have noted the section where MBTB would have shelved each title. Abbreviations are as follows:


CHER = Cherchez La Femme ( by & about modern women) 

 CRIM = Criminal Pursuits (suspense & crime fiction)

EOS= Enemies of the State (political & international thrillers)

FC = A Fair Cop (American-style police procedurals)

GOLD = The Butler Did It (classic writers from mystery’s Golden Age)

HIGH = High Crimes (literary mysteries)

HB = Hard-boiled heroes (from Spade to Spenser)

HOME = On the Home Front (Northwest authors/ locations)

 HOR = Horrors! (supernatural thrillers)

IA = Illegal Aliens (science fiction or fantasy mysteries)

 MED = The Cutting Edge (medical mysteries)

 NOIR = Through A Glass Darkly (classic and modern noir ) 

ONCE = Once Upon a Crime (historical mysteries)

 OTW = Off The Wall (offbeat humor)     

PTC = Prime Time Crime (related to movies or TV)

 RD = A Reasonable Doubt...at a reasonable price! (legal thrillers)

  REF = Reference works

SB = Soft-boiled sleuths (cozies with amateur detectives)

 SHER = Sherlockiana (by Doyle or about Holmes)

SHOT = Shot on Location (featuring other cultures)

 WW = Wild Women (sassy & a little trashy!)

TALL = Tall, Dark & Deadly (romantic suspense)

 YB = Yardbirds (British police detectives)

FAV = MBTB Picks (our selections of the years’ best paperbacks)


Author  |  Title  |  Price  |  Section  |  Series  |  Theme  |

Abbott, Megan| Fever |26.00|NOIR|

Aird, Catherine| Dead Heading |25.90|YB|DCI Sloan|

Alan, Isabella| Murder, Simply Sstitched |7.99|SB|Quilting|

Alfieri, Annamaria| Strange Gods| 27.99|SHOT|Nairobi|


Baldacci, David| Faceoff |26.99|HB|Short stories|

Billingham, Mark| Bones Beneath| 24.00|YB|DI Tom Thorne|

Billingham, Mark| Dying Hours |15.00|YB|DI Tom Thorne|

Bolin, Janet| Night of the Living Thread |7.99|SB|Threadville|

Bolton, Sharon| Dark & Twisted Tide |25.99|YB|DC Lacey Flint|

Brackman, Lisa| Hour of the Rat |14.95|SHOT|Ellie McEnroe|China|

Brown, Andrew| Coldsleep Lullaby |24.99|SHOT|South Africa|

Burke, Alafair| All Day & A Night |26.99|RD|Carrie Blank|

Burke, Alafair| If You Were Here |15.99|RD|Non series|

Burke, James Lee| Light of the World |9.99|FC|Dave Robicheaux|


Campion, Alexander| Death of a Chef |15.00|SHOT|Capucine LeTellier|France|

Campion, Alexander| Murder on the Mediterranean |24.00|SHOT|Capuchine Le Tellier|France|

Carlisle, Kate| Book Stops Here |24.95|SB|Brooklyn Wainwright|Bibliophile|

Child, Lee /Box, C.J.| Inherit the Dead| 15.00|HB|Multiple authors|

Connolly, Sheila| Razing the Dead |7.99|SB|Museum mystery|

Cooper, Amanda| Tempest in a Teapo t|7.99|SB|Tea shop|

Craven, Michael| Detective & the Pipe Girl |14.99|HB|John Darvelle|

Crawford, Iris| Catered Fourth of July |24.00|CHER\|Bernie & Libby Simmons|Culinary|

Cussler, Clive| Zero Hour |9.99|EOS|Kurt Austin|



Davidson, Diane Mott| Whole Enchilada |7.99|CHER|Goldy Schultz|Culinary|

Davis, Krista| Diva Wraps it Up|7.99|SB|Domestic diva|

Davis, Lindsey| Ides of April |15.99|ONCE|Flavia Alba|

DeSmet, Christine| Hot Fudge Frame-Up |7.99|SB|Fudge Shop|

Deva, Mukul| Weapon of Vengeance |25.99|EOS|

Dionne, Karen| Killing |7.99|OTC|

Disher, Gary| Fallout |14.95|SHOT|Wyatt|Australia|

Doiron, Paul| Massacre Pond |15.99|FC|Mike Bowditch|

Donoghue, Clare| Never Look Back |24.99|YB|DI Mike Lockyer|

Dyer-Seeley, Kate| Scene of the Climb |7.99|Home|Meg Reed|Pacific NW|


Ellis, David| Last Alibi |9.99|RD|Jason Kolarich|

Evanovich, Janet| Takedown Twenty |8.99|WW|Stephanie Plum|

Evanovich, Janet| Top Secret Twenty-One |28.00|WW|Stephanie Plum|


Fairstein, Linda|Terminal City |27.95|RD|Alexandra Cooper|

Faust, Christa| Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire |7.99|NOIR|Gabriel Hunt|

Finder, Joseph| Suspicion|27.95|CRIM|

Franklin, Tom/ Fennelly, Beth Ann| Tilted World |14.99|HIGH|Prohibition|

Freydont, Shelley| Independence Slay |7.99|CHER|Celebration Bay|


Galbraith, Robert| Silkworm |28.00|HB|Cormoran Strike|

Gardiner, Meg| Phantom Instinct |26.95|CHER|Non series|

Gardiner, Meg| Shadow Tracer |7.99|CHER|Sarah Keller|

Goodwin, Jason| Baklava Club |26.00|ONCE|Yashim|Ottoman Empire

Greaves, Chuck| Last Heir |25.99|RD|Jack MacTaggert|

Grimes, Martha| Vertigo 42 |26.00|YB|Richard Jury|


Hamilton, Laurell K.| Affliction 7.99|IA|Anita Blake|

Hamilton, Laurell K.| Shiver of Light |27.95|IA|Merry Gentry|

Hamilton, Steve| Let it Burn |15.99|HB|Alex McKnight|

Healey, Emma| Elizabeth is Missing |25.99|HIGH|

Hiaasen, Carl| Bad Monkey |15.00|OTW|

Hilary, Sarah| Someone Else's Skin |16.00|YB|DI Marnie Rome|

Howell, Dorothy| Evening Bags & Executions |7.99|WW|Haley Randolph|



Kendal, Claire| Book of You |25.99|HIGH|

Kepler, Lars| Fire Witness |16.00|SHOT|DI Joona Linna|Sweden

Keskinen, Karen| Black Current |25.99|CHER|Jaymie Zarlin|

King, Stephen| Doctor Sleep |17.00|HOR|

King, Stephen| Mr. Mercedes |30.00|HOR|

Koryta, Michael| Those Who Wish Me Dead |26.00|HB|


Larsson, Asa| Until Thy Wrath Be Past |14.99|SHOT|Rebecka Martinsson|Sweden

Laurie, Victoria| Deadly Forecast |7.99|IA|Psychic Eye|

Lawrenson, Deborah| Sea Garden |26.99|ONCE|

Lee, Amanada| Thread End |7.99|SB|Embroidery|

Leotta, Allison| Discretion |7.99|RD|

Lindsay, Jeff| Dexter's Final Cut |15.95|CRIM|Dexter|

Lovegrove, James| Gods of War |14.95|SHER|Sherlock Holmes|

Ludwig, Jerry| Blacklist |25.99|EOS|Joseph McCarthy|


MacBride, Stuart| Song for the Dying |24.99|SHOT|Ash Henderson|Scotland

MacInnes, Helen| I & My True Love |9.99|r|EOS|

Masterman, Becky|Rage Against the Dying |15.99|CHER|Brigid Quinn|

Maxwell, Edith|'Til Dirt Do Us Part |24.00|SB|Gardening|

McIlvaney, William| Laidlaw |16.00|r|SHOT|Jack Laidlaw|Glasgow|

McLeary, Carol| No Job for a Lady |24.99|ONCE|Nellie Bly|

Merrell, Susan| Shirley |25.95|HIGH|Shirley Jackson|

Morrell, David| Murder as a Fine Art |16.00|ONCE|Victorian England|


Nakamura, Fuminori| Evil & the Mask |15.95|SHOT|Japan|

Nisbet, Jim| Death Puppet |15.95|NOIR|

Nunn, Mala| Present Darkness |16.00|SHOT|Emmanuel Cooper|South Africa|


O'Brien, Charles| Death in Saratoga Springs |15.00|ONCE|Jeremiah Prescott|1890s New York|


Patriau, Gustavo| Antiquarian |16.00|SHOT|South America|

Patterson, Richard North| Loss of Innocence |14.99|HB|Blaine|

Pearson, Ridley| Red Room |26.95|HOME|John Knox|


Qui, Xialong| Enigma of China |15.99|SHOT|Insp. hen Cao|China|


Reichs, Kathy| Bones of the Lost |7.99|MED|Dr.Temperance Brennan|

Rohmer, Sax| Drums of Fu Manchu |9.95|r|GOLD|Dr. Fu Manchu|

Rosenfelt, David| Unleashed |15.95|RD|Andy Carpenter|

Roslund, Anders/Hellstrom,Borge| Two Soldiers |26.99|SHOT|Sweden|

Runcie, James| Sidney Chambers & the Problem of Evil |17.00|SB|Sydney Chambers|



Sandler, Karen| Hangtown |7.99|CHER|Janelle Watkins|

Sefton, Maggie| Close Knit Killer |7.99|SB|Kelly Flynn|

Sefton, Maggie| Yarn Over Murde |25.95|SB|Kelly Flynn|

Setterfield, Diane| Bellman & Black |16.00|HIGH|

Smith, Alexander McCall| Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon |14.95|SHOT|No.1 Ladies' |Botswana|

Smith, Karen| Deadly Décor |7.99|SB|Interior design|

Smith, Tom Rob| Farm |26.00|EOS|Non series|

Stevens, Chevy| That Night |25.99|CHER|


Tannenbaum, Robert| Echoes of My Soul 8.99|TRUE|True crime

Tervalon, Jervey |Monster's Chef |24.99|CRIM|

Thoft, Ingrid| Identity |26.95|CHER|Fina Ludlow|

Todd, Charles| Question of Honor 14.99|ONCE|Bess Crawford|

Toyne, Simon| Tower| 9.99|EOS|

Tremayne, Peter| Seventh Trumpet |15.99|ONCE|Fidelma|Ancient Ireland

Tucker, Neely| Ways of the Dead |27.95|HB|


Upton, Nicola| Death of Lucy Kyte |15.99|ONCE|Josephine Tey|


Vachss, Andrew| Shockwave |26.95|HB|Aftershock|

Van Lustbader, Eric | Bourne Ascendancy |28.00|EOS|Jason Bourne|


White, Kate| Eyes on You |25.99|WW|

Wilson, Daniel H.| Robogenesis |26.95|IA|Robotics|