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Jeffrey Deaver

Boy, were we embarrassed! Jeffrey Deaver came to our store to just informally visit and sign whatever books we had in our store. We thought he was coming for a formal full-out signing. He was surprised -- we later found out -- but didn't show it. Cool as a cucumber, he sat down, entertained fans who had skipped out of their other activities for this lunchtime event, and signed everyone's books. What a guy!

Speaking of cool as a cucumber, Jeffrey had just arrived from Scottsdale (92 degrees) and declared our June weather to be a sight better.

The Burning Wire contained some fairly technical electrical information. Jeffrey claimed he wasn't that good at electrical handiwork, but he is a good researcher. Why do people love his books? Because he writes what people want to read. He's not going to debate the artistic merit of his works. He just enjoys entertaining his readers.

And apparently he enjoys surprises, or so he politely said, and would rather do a signing than a fly-by visit. We can only hope that his next appointment forgave him for being late!