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Irene Ziegler

Irene Ziegler journeyed from Virginia to talk about her mystery book, Ashes to Water. Her book is set in a facsimile of the small Florida community in which she grew up.

Besides being an author, Irene is also the voice of the GPS on cellphones. (And, egads, she's also a playwright, actor, and teacher!) She gave us a quick demonstration of what her GPS voice sounds like. It's lower than her normal voice and "a touch assertive," she says. With all that going on in her life, why does she write? It's cathartic and an excellent use of her undergraduate degree in literature!

Her theater background has helped her in her writing. She creates an "off stage" for her characters to help create a more realistic story. She also reads her story out loud to judge the book's rhythm. Dialogue is important to her and she hears her characters' voices in her head as she writes.

You can read more about her book and how she uses water as a metaphor on her website: http://www.ireneziegler.com/search/label/Why%20I%20Dream%20of%20Water.

Now, turn right in 100 yards!