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Dana Haynes

We got two authors (and some wine) for the price of one when Dana Haynes came for his signing. The "love of his life" is author Katy King (City of Suspects). And Katy King brought her father, who brought the wine. The reason for the celebration is the release of Dana's new book, Crashers, an intense thriller with a CSI-like investigation into an airplane crash. Although it has just been released, there are already Italian and Japanese versions.

This is an amazing behind-the-scenes fact about Crashers. Dana originally wrote it years ago. It was partially set in New York. It had to do with terrorists. It was scheduled for release in late 2001. Not very good timing. To cleanse his book of at least one association with that tragedy, Dana reset New York to California. Actually, most of the action takes place in good old Portland. Dana begins his book with a riveting crash along I-5, south of the city. The pilot is an incredibly likable character, and it was easy to become engrossed immediately.

Dana's signing was like a party! It was chatty and laugh-filled. We suspect that wherever Dana and Katy go, the party follows!