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Carola Dunn

We enjoy seeing Carola Dunn whenever a new book comes out, and with two series to juggle, we get to see her twice as often. This time around, she proudly presented the second book in her Cornish series, A Colorful Death.

Although she lives in Eugene and her roots are now firmly planted in the U.S., Carola was raised in England. She has fond memories of Cornwall and still has relatives who live there. What does she miss the most about England? Fish and chips. Good fish and chips. And Indian restaurants. Do you sense a food theme here?

Unlike her Daisy Dalrymple series which is set in the 1920s, Carola has Eleanor Trewynn living in 1960s Cornwall. She loves that her new character is closer to Carola's actual age. She has lent Eleanor even more of her real life by having her wear track suits, in honor of Carola's mother who wore them everywhere.

When she's not hard at work crafting a new story, she loves to garden, travel, and be with her grandchildren.

What would she really like to write about? A one-off with half sisters who don't know about each other. Maybe set in Istanbul. Maybe with a fantasy element. "Wherever the story takes you!" interjected audience member Sharan Newman, another local author with a popular series set in medieval France.

By the way, Carola does not rhyme with payola or Crayola; it's pronounced Carol-ah.