Autographed Books

This page is out of date and may be refreshed later. -- 2/3/13

We have these autographed books for sale. They are first editions, unless otherwise noted.
Call us at 503-232-9995 or email us at if you would like to purchase any of these titles. Shipping and handling is $3.50 for the first book, $1 for each additional title.
Title Condition Price
Barre, Richard The Ghosts of Morning VG, dated 6/28/98 $10.00
Black, Cara Murder in the Bastille G $10.00
Bowen, Rhys The Last Illusion Fine, new $24.99
Bowen, Rhys Royal Flush VG $21.95
Bowen, Rhys A Royal Pain VG, dj corner crease $20.95
Bowen, Rhys Royal Blood VG+ $19.95
Burke, James Lee The Glass Rainbow G $18.95
Burke, James Lee The Glass Rainbow G $19.95
Burke, James Lee The Glass Rainbow VG $22.95
Burke, James Lee Rain Gods G, slight bruising on edges $18.95
Child, Lee, ed. Killer Year VG+, signed by Bill Cameron $12.95
Churchill, Jill The Merchant of Menace VG $21.00
Connelly, Michael Echo Park VG $16.95
Connelly, Michael Nine Dragons G $9.95
Connelly, Michael The Overlook G $17.95
Connelly, Michael The Scarecrow G $20.95
Connelly, Michael The Scarecrow RC $10.00
Connelly, Michael The Reversal VG $18.95
Connolly, John Every Dead Thing RC $17.95
Connolly, John The Unquiet G $18.95
Cotterill, Colin Disco for the Departed VG, smudging on front cover $17.95
Crais, Robert Indigo Slam G, owner's inscription $7.00
Elias, Gerald Devil's Trill G $10.00
Elkins, Charlotte & Aaron Rotten Lies G, new, deep creasing on inside back cover $14.00
Ellroy, James Blood's a Rover VG, smudging on back cover $22.95
Emerson, Earl The Vanishing Smile RC $8.95
Ford, G. M. Nameless Night G $17.95
Ford, G. M. The Deader the Better VG, 2nd ed. $15.95
Fowler, Earlene Sunshine and Shadow VG, small paper tear on bottom inside cover $18.95
Galligan, John The Clinch Knot Mint $24.95
Grafton, Sue U Is for Undertow Fine, new $27.95
Hecht, Daniel Skull Session G+, smudging on covers, 2nd ed. $11.95
Hewson, David Dante's Numbers Fine, new, 2nd British ed. $19.95
Hoyt, Richard The Manna Enzyme G+, dj creased, inside Fine, dated June 29, 1985 $22.00
Hoyt, Richard Whoo? RC, "Aug 25, 1994/Portland, Or./for Dave Hay,/Thanks for the help-out./Richard Hoyt" $9.95
Jance, J. A. Cruel Intent VG $22.95
Jance, J. A. Day of the Dead Fine $20.95
Jance, J. A. Skeleton Canyon G+, markings on inside cover, otherwise VG $18.00
Jance, J. A. Trial by Fire VG $21.95
Jance, J. A. Web of Evil VG $20.95
Johnson, Craig Another Man's Moccasins VG, "for Mary -- Déjà vu all over again!/Your pal/Craig Johnson" $9.95
Johnson, Craig Junkyard Dogs G+, smudging on covers, otherwise VG $20.95
Karp, Larry The Midnight Special VG $17.95
Karp, Larry The Music Box Murders F, 2nd ed. $14.95
Karp, Larry Scamming the Birdman VG+ $14.95
Kohler, Vince Rainy North Woods VG, not autographed, given to us by Kohler's estate $25.00
Kuhlken, Ken The Venus Deal Fine, new $9.95
Lehane, Dennis Moonlight Mile VG $19.95
Lehane, Dennis Moonlight Mile VG $21.95
Lehane, Dennis Moonlight Mile VG $18.95
Lehane, Dennis Shutter Island VG, Ltd. ed., "specially bound and produced by the publisher" $10.00
Limon, Martin G. I. Bones VG, dirt on spine $20.95
Lippman, Laura To the Power of Three G $13.00
Littlewood, Ann Did Not Survive Mint, new $24.95
Littlewood, Ann Did Not Survive Fine+, new $24.95
Margolin, Phillip Sleeping Beauty VG+, new $25.95
Mitcheltree, Tom Katie's Gold ARC $5.00
Mosley, Walter The Long Fall VG $15.95
Nelscott, Kris Days of Rage VG $12.95
Nesbo, Jo The Devil's Star Fine, new $25.99
Nesbo, Jo The Devil's Star Fine, new $25.99
Padgett, Abigail Strawgirl VG+, new $20.00
Parker, T. Jefferson Black Water VG+, new, 3rd printing $23.95
Payne, David Back to Wando Passo VG, 2nd ed. $14.95
Peters, Elizabeth A River in the Sky Mint, "specially bound and produced by the publisher" $25.99
Roberts, Gillian I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia RC $8.00
Robinson, Peter Piece of My Heart VG $19.95
Rucka, Greg The Last Run VG $21.95
Schorr, Mark Borderline VG $12.95
Schwegel, Theresa Officer Down VG+ $10.00
Seranella, Barbara Unfinished Business VG $18.95
Seranella, Barbara Unwilling Accomplice G, remainder mark $14.95
Shannon, John The Concrete River VG, new, John Brown Books ed. $12.00
Simonson, Sheila Meadowlark Fine, new $9.95
Simonson, Sheila Skylark Fine, new, dated 11 Nov. 1992 $9.95
Stabenow, Dana A Night Too Dark VG $18.95
Stabenow, Dana Whisper to the Blood VG $14.95
Stanley, Kelli City of Dragons Fine, new, with Chinese chop character $24.99
Stanley, Kelli The Curse-Maker Mint, new, w/ sun stamp $24.99
Thrasher, L. L. Charlie's Bones VG+ $9.95
Waldman, Ayelet Bye-Bye, Black Sheep VG, publishing defects $18.95